How To Use Video In Your Marketing Plan

There are many marketers using video to promote their product, brand, or service and it

can help educate on the use of your product.

Video marketing can mostly be done free of charge therefore increasing your chances of getting exposure for your product if you are a newbie with no funds.

In this article, I will be mostly focusing on the free methods of creating and

ranking your video that I have been using in my marketing.

Benefits Of Video Marketing

1. It is the fastest way to get your brand and presence out on the internet. A picture is worth a thousand of words. You can position yourself at the top of your prospect’s mind.

2. Mostly free to get your videos up and running……. Cost nothing to upload to Youtube and other platforms.( See below for more platforms)

3. Increase you conversions instantly. Everyone knows that consumers are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a demonstration of how to use the product.

4. Your Video is easily accessible with the increasing number of smart phones and tablets readily available.

5. Will increase your search engine rankings because Youtube is controlled by google.

6. Since 98% of buyers decisions are mostly emotional, video adds that emotional value.

There are many video hosting services providers on the internet to upload your videos on.
Youtube being the largest and most popular. With more than 6 BILLION hours of videos being watched every month youtube absolutely dominates the video market.
Other Platforms


If you don’t know a lot about capturing and recording videos, it can a bit overwhelming.

Best part is you don’t need any expensive tools or camera to shoot your videos. Today we have webcam, ipad, or even your smartphone that will be good enough to start with.

There are many software products and tutorials on the internet you can use to make your video. I lot of people use camtasia, but of course it is not free to use but they do have a free trial.  Or you can  use my suggestion below which is free.

If you are going to use Youtube for your hosting and sharing, you need to set up your own youtube channel. Your channel helps you to brand yourself and organize videos under one roof. It’s super easy to organize the videos through playlist option making them more searchable.

Set up your youtube channel to attract more visitors by including these things:

1. Have a Welcome Video
Immediately catches the attention of any first time visitor. Also helps to communicate the message what the channel is all about.

2. Install a channel icon
A small picture of yourself or you brand to help visitors relate your channel with this image

3. Add Channel link to your page so visitors can land into one of your capture pages.

4. A Great Description will covey the right message to your prospect and help to find the solution to their problem.

5. Have a neat playlist by grouping all related videos in one place so they can be auto played in a sequence.

6. And lastly, don’t forget to put in channel art. Most marketers never utilize this and leave it blank but it will provide you with an unfair advantage in building your brand.

In conclusion…..

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article. I wish you all the best with your video

Let me remind you that the key to any success in taking action. All successful marketers
are action takers.

Implement what you have learned in this article and it will help you make more
money and start you on the road to success.

I find that when I stick to one method and keep working at it, I soon start to see results.

I have shared with you one method and hope you are going to use it to make it happen for you.

Coming up next…… I will tell you how to Get Your Video Ranked