Blooom Software Review

Bloom Software Review

Okay, Donna here

I want to tell you about this very cool new software that is just coming out it’s called” Bloom.”  What it does is pull unique content from YouTube videos but not the content from the description, It is the content from the actual video itself. So whatever the person is talking about inside of the video, that is the content that the software is pulling and recreating that as your unique content for your blog.

It is a super powerful tool.  On top of that you can monetize this content and you get full training on how to actually monetize it with Google Adsense or other affiliate ads.

When you get to the members area you are going to have a welcome video and how to install video but after that you need to go over to my products and that is where you’re going to access this whole plugin. There are 39 training videos  on how to actually set up your website if you don’t have a site up yet. It will also go over how to monetize your website as well with Google Adsense.

Most people just ignore Google Adsense  because they don’t think it works anymore, but it actually does work as long as you have unique content.  That is exactly what Bloom delivers for you. It also covers Facebook advertising too and pretty much everything you need to know is going to be covered right in there in those 39 videos and that is super powerful, right ?…..

So the software, like I said is very simple to use it can take about 15 to 60 seconds to get a post up on your site.  Iv’e got to say this is for people who don’t have a lot of time and they want to have kind of  autopilot traffic or autopilot money because this is what the software does obviously this is not selling services or products it’s basically monetizing the traffic that comes to your website turning those clicks from Adsense into your income.

The only con I saw in the software was the “how to set up video” was a little confusing, but I finally figured it out and the rest was a piece of cake.  I don;t have a link to the product but you can access it through this video below.

You can find a video about how to use this software on Youtube