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Could it be all the education that WA offers for its 1.2 million members?

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Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?


Retirees (I’m one of them)
People looking to sell their own products online
People with jobs looking to make more money
Unemployed and/or looking for a job (good luck with that)
People who hate their boss (I almost never had one)
Anyone who has failed or is not making it with MLM
Busy people with not much time but who need some extra money (who doesn’t?)
Work at home moms and dads
Those that can’t work at a physical job
Anyone looking to work from home for various reasons
Disabled persons
Perhaps yourself, if you want to find out how to plan your easy retirement income
Anyone having to care full time for an aged person
Simply wanting to make a change in their life
and many more people in some difficult situations


Now is the time to join a great community of people that will be glad to help you with your business.

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The Power of Positive Attitude

Positive Thinking

Why Should you use the power of Positive Thinking?

The power of a positive attitude cannot be underestimated.

The way you think about a fact may defeat you before you ever do anything about it. You are overcome by the fact because you think you are.”

If you think you’re beaten, you are. But if you stare defeat in the eye and refuse to give up because of “humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers”, you can overcome any challenge and attain whatever you desire.

Empty pockets can’t hold you back very long, but if you have an empty mind filled with negative thoughts, you’ll always be held back from what you desire most.

Positive Thinking Leads To Action.Positive thinking

With a positive attitude, you’ll begin to believe that you can build wealth in abundance. You’ll chart your own course and be the master of your own fate and the captain of your own soul.

Thinking about what you want and deserve in life will lead you to take whatever steps are necessary to make those dreams come true.

Very often it’s a slow road to achieving your dreams, but one small step toward change will bring another small step after it.

* Visualizing yourself in a better paying job might spur you to update your resume.

* Believing you belong in a house in the suburbs might push you to call a realtor or look in the classified ads.

* Realizing you have talents that make you special might convince you to volunteer in your community.

Living an abundant life doesn’t only refer to what’s in the bank. An abundance of family and friends is a very important part of human life.


It’s Easier To Be Negative


The average person gets all too easily gets imbued with a negative attitude. It’s so much easier to whine and complain about needing more money, a better job, or a bigger house.

People are often lost in the negative imagery and don’t even realize it’s in their own power to change their circumstances.

With a positive attitude, you’ll have a higher quality of life. Having a positive attitude can really work magic in your life.

* People who have survived cancer invariably say that a positive mental outlook was vital to their success in overcoming their terrible disease.

* A positive mental attitude helps you find the humor in things that may typically bring you down. You’ll be able to see things from a fresh perspective so you can handle the tough times with more creativity and intelligence.

With a positive attitude, you’ll simply feel more joy in your life. You’ll laugh more, feel healthier, be more courageous, have more self-confidence, and you won’t be as prone to giving up before you even get started.

More often than not, things will fall into place and you’ll feel an incredible sense of accomplishment!

Why I Use Positive Affirmations Every Day

Thinking positive thoughts every day will allow you to live a more positive life. It’s easy to be overcome by negative thoughts and experiences, and it’s important to create a positive dialogue with yourself to get you through those tough times.

Some people call these thoughts positive self-talk, and this form of inner dialogue can allow you to reach new heights as a person, overcoming all that stands in your way.

Understanding Positive Self Talk

Positive self-talk is the practice of responding to those negative thoughts that creep into your mind throughout the day. You know the thoughts: the ones that have you thinking, “you can’t” instead of “you can,” or “it’s too hard” instead of “you can do it.


When you replace such negativity with positive thoughts, you can bring about astounding changes in your life and the way you feel about yourself.

For instance, when you’re starting a new job, and your mind says, “There’s no way I’m going to fit in here. I don’t deserve this job” you can stop this dialogue in its tracks.

Instead of letting your mind go on and on, envisioning one disaster after another right up to the moment you’re fired, you can respond with positive thoughts.

These positive thoughts can also be called positive affirmations.

It can take a lot of practice to make the change to positive self-talk when you’ve always experienced negative self-talk. Perhaps you can’t even remember a time when this negative dialogue wasn’t playing in the background of your life.

You may need to put some effort into responding to the negativity with positive thoughts, but by using positive affirmations, the effort required is an easy task.

Positive affirmations allow you to replace your negativity, one thought at a time!

Many people seek out lists of free positive affirmations to help them come up with positive responses. You can find some of these lists on self-help websites or in bookstores and libraries.

At first, you may wonder if it can be this easy to change your life with affirmations.

Consider this fact: haven’t all those negative thoughts running through your mind-forged the path that you’ve followed throughout your life and gotten you where you are today?

Answer this question truthfully and you’ll see the need for positive thought!

If negative thoughts got you where you are now, can you imagine where you could be if the negativity was replaced by confident, positive thoughts?

Now you see why I use positive affirmations every day. Positive thoughts really can change your life!

If you want to lead a positive and fulfilling life you must have a positive mindset.

In order to think positively, you must replace the negative thought processes that are already running through your mind.

Since positive affirmations activate your mind to replace negative thought processes with a positive mindset, they simply make the most sense! Plus, they’re so easy.

Once you become used to using affirmations on a daily basis, you’ll wish you’d started with them sooner.

For ease, convenience, and great results, positive affirmations just can’t be beaten as a success tool.

Start using positive affirmations today, and live the life you’ve always dreamed of!

How to Create a Wealth Mindset

Eight Steps to creating a Wealth Mindset

Wealth rarely comes without belief and intention.

It’s possible to luck your way into financial abundance, but the odds aren’t in your favor.

While a wealth mindset isn’t enough to create wealth, it makes wealth possible.

If you’re struggling financially, your mindset is the best place to start. It doesn’t cost anything to have a wealth mindset.

Give yourself the gift of wealth with these strategies:

1. Develop a positive attitude around money and wealth. Most of us would like more money, but we also harbor a few negative feelings or beliefs around money. Negative beliefs can be more powerful than positive beliefs.

◦ When you think of wealthy people, what are your thoughts? Are any of them negative? If so, it would be best to adjust your perceptions.

◦ You’re sure to sabotage your efforts if you have negative associations around money.

2. Hang out with like-minded people. If you want to become wealthy, it makes sense to spend time with wealthy people. Hanging around with ambitious people that share your vision of the future will give you the support and validation you need to persevere.

3. Be willing to ignore the naysayers. When wealth creation becomes a priority in your life, you’re sure to receive some criticism from friends and family members that have different beliefs around money.

◦ It’s important to be able to ignore these opinions from others. Allow them to live life in their own way and demand the same in return. What’s really bothering them is the idea that you may become wealthy and they won’t.

4. Be respectful of money. If you aren’t respectful of your partner, they’ll eventually leave you. The same is true of money. Be respectful of how you spend and invest it. Do you have your bills organized or are they all over the house? Do you pay your bills on time?

◦ Anything that involves money should get your attention and respect.

5. Focus on creating value. The more value you can provide to the world, the more you can expect to receive. Most people make the same amount of money each year because they deliver the same amount of value each year.

6. Leverage your strengths. Become excellent at what you’re good at and delegate the rest to others. Someone is great in the areas in which you struggle. It’s more intelligent to use your strengths than to spend valuable time building your weaknesses to a tolerable level.

7. Eliminate expenses that aren’t meaningful to you. It’s not necessary to wash your clothes by hand, but if you haven’t used your home alarm system in six months, why are you paying for the service? Look at all your monthly bills and expenses and eliminate those things that don’t bring you any kind of value.

8. Believe you can be wealthy. Current statistics put the odds of becoming a millionaire in the US at 7%. That’s roughly one in 14 households. Not too shabby. That includes some people that never really dedicated themselves to creating wealth. Imagine how good your odds are if you really make an effort!

◦ Know that with earnest effort, your odds of becoming wealthy are better than 50%.

Having the seed of possibility planted in your brain makes wealth possible.
Wealth starts with having a positive mindset about money.

Examine your own mindset and thoughts about wealth.

Have respect for money. Be creative and generate as much value as you can for the marketplace. Spend time with others that have similar goals.

Becoming a millionaire is more likely than most people realize. Begin creating a wealth mindset today for a brighter tomorrow.


Check out this simple morning checklist to improve your success




25 Ways to Improve Your Mental Function

Mental funtions

How often do you truly consider your brain function? Think about it like it was a computer.
You put systems in place constantly to update your programs and make changes to ensure
that it is running properly. So, why should your brain be any different?

For the most part, the average person isn’t thinking about training their brain or giving it a break.
We should expect more from our brains. Mental functions deteriorate with age but it doesn’t have
to be that way.

Your brain is a muscle, which needs to be exercised regularly. Your brain can change with training.

I am here to show you 25 ways that you can improve your mental function starting today.

1. Meditation

The endorphins that your body releases during meditation help battle high blood pressure. It can also increase your gray matter, as you relax and clear your mind to improve clear thinking. It’s really easy to do, too.

Simply close your eyes, no matter where you are, and focus on your breath. If your mind wanders, simply redirect it back to focus on your breath. Five minutes is enough to calm you down and clear your mind. So, if you feel like your day is getting on top of you – take a moment.

2. Physical Exercise

Exercise and brain function go hand in hand. The reason for this is that when you exercise your brain develops brain cells. So, your brain will thank you just as much as your body for getting active.

3. Sleep

This is the moment your brain gets to rest. Not like your body is resting, though. The brain doesn’t really stop, what it does do while you sleep is purge toxins, regenerate cells, and store memories. It’s like a detox at the spa, but for your brain. Seven hours each night is the necessary number for adults. It also helps you manage your stress levels, and stress is detrimental to brain function

4. Laughter

Laughter… is it the best medicine? Well, when you laugh your body releases endorphins. That helps beat stress, which is good for your brain. Laughter also opens your mind to new ideas and thought processes. Learn to laugh at yourself and make time to watch or do things that provide you with laughter each day.

5. Multivitamins

If you know that your diet doesn’t provide you with enough of a certain vitamin, consider taking a multivitamin to make up the difference. In an ideal world, your diet will provide you with all of the vitamins and nutrients that you need. However, where it doesn’t, a daily vitamin should help you boost your brain function. If you need to overhaul your diet, you should do it slowly so that it sticks. In this case, the multivitamin can help until you’ve made the necessary changes.

6. Music

The brain’s right hemisphere strengthens as you listen to music. It literally alters the structure of the brain ( Additionally, the same studies discovered that music lovers tend to have a higher level of emotional intelligence.

7. Stress Management

In a perfect world, you can shut out life’s stresses entirely. Unfortunately, that is impossible. However, what you can do is learn how to effectively manage your stress levels. Cortisol, the hormone that stress triggers, affects your brain’s ability to function and kills off brain cells. So, learning how to manage stress is vital to your brain’s overall health and function.

8. Positive Thinking

Thinking positively boosts your brain function more than negative thinking. So, if you already look on the bright side of life, you’re in a better brain function position than others. However, there’s no such thing as being too positive. So, try it out. You’ll see a real difference in your ability to solve problems and think clearly.

9. Brainstorming

There’s nothing like a great brainstorming session to trigger new ideas and encourage your brain to think more creatively. It means writing down any and all ideas, rather than filtering them. Just let it all flow and see how creatively your brain is capable of thinking.

10. Visualization

Visualizations are all about getting your head in the game, many athletes practice visualization to get themselves in the zone before a game. It doesn’t just help the performance of your mind and body, it also helps reduce stress.

11. Puzzling

Sudoku, crosswords, and puzzles of any time can help you improve your ability to think critically. Whether you buy a paper to tackle the challenging crossword or buy a book of puzzles, use them to build your brain function.

12. Read

People who read tend to have a large vocabulary. However, beyond that, they also challenge your thought process, improve your ability to retain information and your critical thinking skills. So, no matter what genre you prefer, it all benefits your brain.

13. Brain Games

Whether it’s a game for a console or a simple app on your phone, brain training games put your brain through its paces. They provide you with a random selection of games each day and encourage you to do them quickly, efficiently, and improve your problem-solving skills.

14. Naps

Some of the major technology companies have created nap zones for their employees to take a break. If you feel tired and you can take a short nap, go for it! Not only can it help your brain recover from a poor night of sleep, but it also provides your brain with a boost.

15. Painting

You don’t need to have any artistic talent to take advantage of painting as a hobby. Before you put brush to canvas, you first visualize what you plan to paint.
Even if you are just going with the flow, you still have to make a decision about what color paint to use first and where to first place your brush on the canvas. It’s an excellent exercise for the brain’s right hemisphere.

16. Breakfast

It really is the most important meal of your day. Not only does it start your day off right, but it also gives you the boost your brain needs. Just make sure it’s a well-balanced option and not a bowl of sugary puffs. If you don’t normally eat breakfast before you head out, but you start now… you will see a major difference in your mood and your performance.

17. Walking

Okay, we already mentioned that exercise is good for the brain. You don’t need a gym to get a good workout in, though. Taking a walk is an excellent way to give your brain function the boost that it needs. It relaxes your brain, allows you time to clear your mind and relieve stress, and ultimately, supports your brain function.

18. Cut Back

This isn’t about your actual diet, it’s about how much you consume. When you eat too much it increases the digestive system’s blood flow, which steals it from your brain. So, your body has to work harder to digest food and at the expense of your brain’s functions.

19. Alcohol-Control

While a glass or two of red wine is great for your brain, too much of it (or any type of alcohol) can damage the function and overall health of your brain. So, if you want to truly boost your brain function, you can start by reducing your alcohol intake. Not only can it leave you feeling foggy and disorganized, but it can also impact your memory.

20. Self-Awareness

It’s difficult to think rationally when you allow your ego to drive your actions. Thinking rationally will aid your journey into self-awareness. In turn, you can start making better decisions. You can boost your self-awareness through self-hypnosis, yoga, meditation, and introspection

21. Sex

Yes, sex is an awesome way to trigger hormones that bathe your brain in goodness. Not only does sex increase your emotional intelligence, but it also provides you with a boost to your social connection. It’s stress-relieving, and it also helps improve your confidence. In turn, it aids your ability to think positively.

22. Caffeine

Now, too much caffeine can cause an increase in your stress levels and even make you angry. However, a healthy dose of caffeine can stimulate brain activity, improve your focus, and speed up your ability to think.
So, if you have an exam, interview or presentation, a cup of coffee beforehand can help you improve your mental function.

23. Dancing

Whether you want to do the salsa or you prefer the tango, dancing requires serious brainpower. You need your brain to memorize the moves and it also relieves stress. So, you can take a class or find a video online, either way – learning how to dance and then doing so regularly can boost your mental function.

24. Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone

We mentioned the importance of puzzles to tease your brain. What’s important, though, is that you change things up. Once you master something your brain won’t form new connections. So, if you prefer drawing, try to work with numbers. If it’s logic that you prefer, take up an art.

25. Environmental Changes

We spoke about making changes in your route and your physical environment is no different. So, rearrange the furniture, change up where you store your kitchen utensils and glasses. Move your drawers around and plant new plants.
If you love scented candles, try a new scent or introduce a variety of essential oils for a diffuser. It’s all about changing the motor pathway to encourage cell growth.

So, if you forget why you entered a room, can’t remember the name of your friend from high school, or you
keep forgetting appointments, this is 25 things to get started on how to help with brain function.

I have named only 25, but if you know of some others that have worked for you, be sure to leave a comment
below. I would love to hear them.